Hi! Call me Seamus. I have always been an artist. I have a liberal and free-form artistic expression (寫意派), and my medium is Chinese ink or brush painting (水墨畫). I have also dabbled with pottery, using a potter’s wheel and also free-form sculpting. I graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) at its old campus at Saint Thomas Walk in 1979 – I was the youngest student in the class then (source).

I was caught up with work and business for such a long time, I stopped painting altogether for more than 36 years. However, I managed to get back painting again, using simple disposable pre-inked Japanese calligraphy brush pens and sketchbooks, instead of the traditional Chinese brushes, ground ink and cotton paper.

I have 35 years of business and professional experience in marketing, branding, public relations, Internet, science research, training and development, and journalism (broadcast and print). I am the head of content and CTO at an award-winning commmunications and strategy agency.

I am a published book author, with many books on business, leadership, Internet, religion, and literary expressions. I workout consistently in the gym, and am a proponent of weight training as the primary or only means to looking young and staying fit, together with good nutrition. I am also an experienced photographer since the 1970s, having done commercial work with medium-format equipment, and also a filmmaker using mirrorless systems today. I have an avid interest in aviation as well.

For more of my professional work, visit my personal site.